• Access Control

    Access control systems prevent unauthorised entry to specific areas of businesses and organisations. As well as protecting people, property and sensitive or confidential information, they can also provide valuable statistics about employee and visitor movements.

  • CCTV

    Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems range from single cameras to complex, reactive and interlinked systems, such as for town centres, secure office complexes or airports.

  • Emergency Light Testing

    Here’s another aspect of health and safety policy that’s easy to leave lower down the list of priorities. But it’s vital your emergency lighting is working properly in the event of power failure, which can be caused by other problems such as fire, flood or extreme weather damage.

  • Periodic Testing

    Everything electrical within your premises, including your distribution boards and fuse panels, fixed appliances and power sockets will need periodical inspection and testing to ensure they’re safe to use.

    Global FM provides expert teams to help you meet this key health and safety responsibility with confidence.